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not looking to collect the full decks! if you're collecting them, though, feel free to ask.


pending trades

- friends (pending since August 21, 2021)

- francy your debt (pending since October 19, 2021)

- hollie (pending since August 09, 2022)
senkukogetsu14, senkukogetsu16, senkukogetsu20, norad19, tanpopo04, well-off08, well-off11, shounen01

- lita (pending since August 09, 2022)
royalblood05, sniperpride12, chelidon02, dinosaurs10, watatsumi07, watatsumi14, ladyblade01, manynames11, mystletainn08, noname13, norad02, norad08, norad16, tanpopo17

- riku's favors 8 (pending since August 15, 2022)